Advanced features

The main settings for the entire process of software decompilation are specified in this section.

There are two decompilation modes available in the decompiler:
1. Quick, but without the support of global search and string references
2. Slow, but with the support of all functions

It is recommended to use the slow mode when you need a decompiled project. But if you need to view some functions, but quickly (for instance, when you are debugging your software), it is recommended to use the quick mode. The mode is defined by the following option:

VB Decompiler Advanced features Options

So, if this option is enabled, the Quick mode is used.

Decompile only forms disables code decompilation. Enable it when you need to decompile only the interface of forms and user controls in the program.

Cache decompiled code is used to cache decompiled code in the quick decompilation mode. But you should keep in mind that it is recommended to disable this option to be able to change the Compile stack parameters and Procedure analyzer and optimizer checkboxes.

Declare variables in P-Code declares all variables used in functions. Usually, it is unnecessary and only increases the code size. But if it is necessary to compile decompiled functions, you may need this option.

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