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VB Decompiler v11.6 has been released (November 25, 2020)

What's new in this version:
- New perfect feature. Now VB Decompiler can find references to any global
  variable in all forms and modules. Just right click on any global variable
  in a decompiled code and click on "Find references". After search,
  VB Decompiler will show all founded functions in a list and you can
  jump to any function. Saving report, copying each entry and search on
  the list is also supported.
  This feature is for Visual Basic 5.0/6.0 files only.
- Support plugins, written on the Python. Needs for 32 bit Python v3.8 installed.
  Example you can find in pyplugins directory in VB Decompiler folder.
  APIs is same with DLL plugins. Plugin loads by clicking menu with its name.
  You can edit code of the plugin and launch it without restarting VB Decompiler.
  Special thanks for samples to Stanislav Rakovskij
- A lot of changes to support incorrect, dumped and obfuscated files to help
  research labs in analyze malware code.
- Support incorrect dumps with trash in address and size of PE sections
- Support obfuscated incorrect ordinals of VB5/6 APIs
- Support .NET assemblies where "#~" is not a first stream (.NET)
- Support obfuscated VB5/6 files with incorrect pointers
- BugFix: Close non-supported files after analyze
- BugFix: Show loading and decompiling progress in Windows status bar
- BugFix: Processing more than one file with color schemes and translations

VB Decompiler v11.5 has been released (July 6, 2020)

What's new in this version:
- Tables parser is completely refactored and improved (.NET)
- Show module name, assembly name and assembly references
  at Project window after decompilation (.NET)
- Support assemblies with duplicates of some streams (.NET)
- Support assemblies with extra data in "#~" stream (.NET)
- Partially support MethodSemantics, MethodImpl, GenericParam,
  FieldRVA, EventMap, Event, PropertyMap, Property,
  AssemblyRefProcessor, AssemblyRefOS, ExportedType,
  ENCLog, ENCMap tables (.NET)
- Support icons for dsr designer files and saving
  this icon to a dsx file
- New events processing for ActiveX-based controls. A lot of most popular
  ActiveX libraries already supported via internal database. For unknown
  components VB Decompiler analyze TypeLib information of used OCX files
  and use protoypes of the events from this files. Please note, used
  ActiveX components should be registered using regsvr32.
- Support events prototypes of the Animation, UpDown, TabStrip,
  Toolbar, StatusBar, ProgressBar, TreeView, ListView, Slider,
  Gauge, MhState, Connection, Recordset, Adodc, MSChart,
  MonthView, DTPicker, FlatScrollBar, ImageCombo, MSComm,
  DataGrid, DataList, DataCombo, DataRepeater, MSFlexGrid,
  MSHFlexGrid, Inet, MaskEdBox, Winsock, RichTextBox, SSTab,
  SSCheck, SSFrame, SSCommand, SSPanel, SSOption, SSRibbon controls
- Don't place file names of modules and classes to vbp project file
  if option "Decompile only forms" is checked
- Adding to the History recent files list only if file can be loaded
- Optimizations and fixes in analyzer for packed files
- BugFix: Size of "ResolutionScope" field in "TypeRef" table;
  Size of "GenericParam" and "Constraint" fields in "GenericParamConstraint" table;
  Size of "Field" field in "FieldLayout" table;
  Size of "Parent" field in "ClassLayout" table;
  Size of "MemberForwarded" and "ImportScope" fields in "ImplMap" table;
  Size of "MethodSpec" field in "Method" table;
  Size of "NestedClass" and "EnclosingClass" fields in "NestedClass" table;
  Size of "Implementation" field in "ManifestResource" table;
  Size of "Class" field in "MemberRef" table;
  Size of "Parent" field in "Constant" table;
  Size of "Parent" field in "DeclSecurity" table (.NET)
- BugFix: Show token in "Method" table (.NET)
- BugFix: Processing comparisons with more than 2 compares
  at single code line (Native Code)
- BugFix: Nonstandard types declaration for standard events
  DragDrop, DragOver, OLEDragOver, OLEDragDrop, OLEStartDrag,
  OLESetData, WriteProperties, ReadProperties,
  AsyncReadComplete, AsyncReadProgress
- BugFix: Correctly show start of the form in HEX Editor if
  offset is higher than ImageBase

VB Decompiler v11.4 has been released (April 5, 2020)

What's new in this version:
- Support addresses to global variables and objects in fld, fadd, fsub, fmul,
  fdiv, faddr, fsubr, fmulr, fdivr, faddrp, fsubrp, fmulrp,
  fdivrp fpu instructions (Native Code)
- Getting value from register in fstp fpu instruction (Native Code)
- Support pointer to register in fild fpu instruction (Native Code)
- Support for fst FPU command (used only for unmanaged .NET code, VB6 use only fstp)
- New FPU preprocessor for add, sub, mul and div commands with
  and without "p" and "r" suffixes (Native Code)
- Filtering _adj_fdiv_r and _adj_fdiv_m64 with stack processing (Native Code)
- Now you can disable analytic features and parsing prototypes on the fly,
  without changing options. Just hold "Shift" on the keyboard and start
  decompilation by pressing "Decompile" button or from recent
  files list (Analytic features)
- Tracing is now works on both: Fast decompilation and Full decompilation
  modes (Tracing features)
- Checkboxes on the main window now can be changed only on "Fast decompilation"
  mode, because this settings can be used only in fast decompilation mode
- Japanese, French and German translations is updated
- Search strings in a whole project of the .NET application via "Ctrl" + "F" (.NET)
- Processing imports for x64 .NET managed applications
- "Find next" button at String references list
- Searching new file access APIs (Analytic features)
- Searching new volume access APIs (Analytic features)
- Searching new internet access APIs (Analytic features)
- BugFix: Decompile msvbvmXX.dll functions __vbaR8IntI2, __vbaR8IntI4,
  rtcDateAdd (Native Code)
- Plugin SDK function "VBD_SetActiveTextLine" now works for Decompiler and
  Disassembler tabs
- FRX Viewer updated
- BugFix: Processing boolean assignment to property via __vbaLateIdSt,
  __vbaVarLateMemSt, __vbaLateMemSt in some cases (Native Code)
- BugFix: Procedure analyzer and optimizer can incorreclty replace the
  array variable with array index
- BugFix: Processing "MemberRef" and "CustomAttribute" tables (.NET)
- BugFix: Search strings in a whole project via "Ctrl" + "F"
- BugFix: Issue with resizing panels at main window
- BugFix: Processing "imul" assembler command (Native Code)
- BugFix: Plugin SDK function "VBD_SetStatusBarText"
- BugFix: Fix incorrect Virtual Tables
- BugFix: Parsing type of "class" and "valuetype" variables (.NET)
- BugFix: Jump history open incorrect tab after jumping from
  form to code or vice versa

VB Decompiler v11.3 has been released (October 6, 2019)

What's new in this version:
- Support String References for "Fast decompilation" option if "Analyze Prototypes"
  option is enabled (for VB5/6 files only)
- Support local ANSI charsets (include Japanese, Chinese, Korean) in String References,
  TStringList properties of controls (ListBox, ComboBox, etc) and long string from FRX
  files in Caption of Label and CommandButton
- Database for Forms/Controls recovering is completely refactored
- Recover most main properties of DataReports (dsr designer): ClientLeft,
  ClientTop, ClientWidth, ClientHeight, Caption, StartUpPosition and save
  properties of all controls to the OleObjectBlob (OLE container with
  other properties). You can open decompiled UI part of the DataReport in VB6 IDE.
- Recover main properties of DataEnvironment files (without internal
  structure decompilation)
- Declare OCX DLLs in Project
- Support for some arrays in global variables (Native Code)
- BugFix: Show functions with Chinese unicode names
- BugFix: Jump to function by clicking address is file has no forms
- BugFix: Error while opening VDD database files
- BugFix: Freeze saving project with decompiled files with multibyte names (Japanese,
  Chinese, etc) if name after conversion from Unicode to ANSI contains slashes.
  VB Decompiler saves files with ANSI names because VB6 IDE is not support files
  with unicode names. Please note: you can open files with multibyte
  names using VB6 IDE only on Windows with same ANSI locale)
- BugFix: Recent files list is not work on Windows XP with unicode locale
- BugFix: Decompile msvbvmXX.dll functions: __vbaI2Cy, __vbaI4Cy
- BugFix: Processing version info fields with more than 256 chars
- BugFix: Filtering some integer variables as a compiler side variables

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