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VB Decompiler v10.7 has been released (August 18, 2017)

What's new in this version:
- Now you can jump to the code of any Event (MouseClick, KeyPress, OnLoad, etc.) just
  in a GUI designer. Just open any form in a GUI Designer, double click by any control
  and at right Properties table click on an "_Event" field. You'll see a menu box with
  code handlers for each Event of this control. Click on any handler to see the code (VB5/6)
- Decompilation speed increased up to 5 times! A lot of code refactored.
- Emulate adding negative values to the esp register (Native Code)
- Recovery names of external objects if CLSID records in registry has no
  VersionIndependentProgID field, but has ProgID field instead
- Option "Add HEX Dump" now works for P-Code applications too (P-Code)
- BugFix: Processing ExitProcI2, ExitProcR4, ExitProcR8, ExitProcCy,
  ExitProcUI1, ExitProcI2, ExitProcStr, ExitProcR4, ExitProcR8, ExitProcCy,
  ExitProcCb, ExitProcCbStack (P-Code)
- Fill file type property at VBP project to "Exe" if file extension is not correct
- BugFix: Fixes in Spanish translation
- BugFix: Correctly parse some stack parameters (Native Code)
- BugFix: Incorrect declare properties of UDT or array as variable (P-Code)
- BugFix: Correctly process Virtual Addresses between end of one section and
  stert of next section if sections is not aligned
- BugFix: Not critical bugs in Visual Basic 5.0/6.0 obfuscation engine
- BugFix: Delete record from Recent files history list if file is not found
- BugFix: Correcly decompile "Class" field at "MemberRef" table (.NET)
- BugFix: Support for 4 byte long indexes for "CustomAttribute" table (.NET)
- BugFix: Decompile msvbvmXX.dll functions __vbaR4Sgn, __vbaR4Var (Native Code)
- BugFix: Parsing of MemberRef table with LongStr flag (.NET)
- BugFix: Parsing some types of local variables (.NET)

VB Decompiler v10.6 has been released (December 15, 2016)

What's new in this version:
- Show values from the .NET tables as text by clicking each table (.NET)
- Decompile "GenericParamConstraint" table (.NET)
- Decompile msvbvm functions: __vbaGosubFree, __vbaGosubReturn, __vbaStrTextCmp,
  __vbaVarTextTstEq, __vbaVarTextTstGe, __vbaVarTextTstGt, __vbaVarTextTstLe,
  __vbaVarTextTstLt, __vbaVarTextTstNe, __vbaForEachCollVar, __vbaI4Sgn,
  __vbaCopyBytes, VBDllGetClassObject, GetMem2, GetMem4, GetMem8, GetMemStr, GetMemVar,
  GetMemObj, PutMem2, PutMem4, PutMem8, PutMemStr, SetMemVar, SetMemObj, GetMem1,
  PutMem1, __vbaRefVarAry, __vbaVarIndexLoadRefLock, __vbaVarIndexStore,
  __vbaStrUI1, __vbaVarIdiv, __vbaStrBool, __vbaR8ErrVar, __vbaI2Abs,
  __vbaI2Sgn, __vbaR8ForNextCheck, __vbaCheckType, __vbaStr2Vec, __vbaUnkVar,
  __vbaVargVar, __vbaVerifyVarObj, __vbaObjAddref, __vbaFpCDblR4, __vbaFpCDblR8,
  __vbaCheckTypeVar, __vbaStrCompVar, __vbaVarLateMemCallSt, __vbaLateIdStAd (Native Code)
- Decompile msvbvm50 functions: __vbaUI1I2, __vbaUI1I4 (Native Code)
- Decompile P-Code functions: VerifyVarObj, LateIdStAd, VarIndexSt,
  EraseDestruct, EraseDestrKeepData (P-Code)
- Support for Case Else in Select Case statement (Native Code)
- BugFix: Correcly decompile "CustomAttribute" table (.NET)
- BugFix: Correcly select string after jumping from the String References to theDisassembler window
- BugFix: Strings Viewer for #US heap (.NET)
- BugFix: Add brace symbol for GUIDs of unregistered OCX files to the VBP Project file
- BugFix: Procedure analyzer and optimizer correctly parse GoSub, GoSubFree and Return commands (Native Code)
- BugFix: Procedure analyzer and optimizer correctly parse array index variables
- BugFix: Decompile msvbvmXX.dll function __vbaNextEachCollVar, __vbaVarIndexLoad,
  __vbaI2Var (Native Code)
- BugFix: Show strings with "%" chars (P-Code)
- BugFix: Decompile msvbvmXX.dll function VarIndexLdVar (P-Code)
- BugFix: Don't clean some fields in a controls cache after previous decompilation (VB5/6)
- BugFix: Emulation of "jmpf" assembler command (Native Code)
- BugFix: Decompile some types of Select Case statements (Native Code)

VB Decompiler v10.5 has been released (July 29, 2016)

What's new in this version:
- GUI designer for Forms and UserControls with support of Unicode, frx captions,
  frx graphic icons and images. A lot of properies already supported!
- Optimized parsing of compared operands cmp, set, etc (Native Code)
- Emulator supports faddr, fsubr, fmulr, fdivr, faddrp, fsubrp, fmulrp, fdivrp (Native Code)
- Parse icon properties in forms with incorrect content
- Open file/database dialog use last open directory (not root directory of VB Decompiler)
- Russian codepage fix (windows return 866, except 1251 for LanguageID 1049)
- Show loading and decompiling progress and status if file or
  VDD database opened from command line
- Jump history now works not only for functions, but for Forms and UserControls too
- Decompilation speed increased
- Danish language added (GUI and Help file). Thanks to Sander Knudsen
- Brazilian Portuguese language added (GUI). Thanks to Lincoln Hirata
- Changes in Indonesian language file
- BugFix: Some memory leaks fixed
- BugFix: Parse "NegotiatePosition" property of the Menu controls
- BugFix: Save MDIForm frm and frx to correct names
- BugFix: Crashes on forms and classes with more than 999 functions
- BugFix: Parsing language files with incorrect structure
- BugFix: Save large .NET files to database
- Bugfix: Search VB5! signature in OCX files
- Bugfix: "Value" property size for HScrollBar and VScrollBar controls
- Bugfix: 2-byte Integers processed as Unsigned in form properties
- BugFix: Disabled "Decompile" button after open VDD database
- BugFix: Parsing external OCX with incorrect TypeLib

VB Decompiler v10.4 has been released (April 7, 2016)

What's new in this version:
- Decompile VB5/6 SEH error handlers. All formats of VB SEH supported,
  include "On Error Resume Next", multiple "On Error GoTo XXX" and
  "On Error GoTo 0" commands (Native Code)
- Decompile calls methods from local class module (Native Code)
- Try to decompile drag and dropped files with non exe/ocx/dll extension
- Filter for double decompiled lines, with and without var_eax (Native Code)
- Decompile msvbvm functions: SetVarVarFunc, LateIdCallSt, VarLateMemLdRfVar,
  IStDargCopy, CRefVarAry, ILdDarg (P-Code)
- Decompile msvbvm functions: VarLateMemLdRfVar, VarLateMemLdVar,
  VarLateMemCallLdVar, IStDargCopy, ILdRfDarg, ILdDarg, ILdUI,
  ILdR8, ILdAd, ILdFPR4 (P-Code Lite)
- Decompile msvbvm functions: __vbaI4Abs, __vbaForEachCollAd (Native Code)
- Decompile assembler functions: idiv (Native Code)
- Decompile create object command FDF4 New (P-Code)
- Increased speed of disassembling IL code (.NET)
- Accelerated 7 times strings parser, loading too fast for most applications (.NET)
- Accelerated 5 times code decompiling in Pro version (Native Code)
- Accelerated 5 times tracing code in Pro version with Tracing features (Native Code)
- Supports methods with more than 32737 lines of code (.NET)
- Supports index in Strings heap with unsigned values (.NET)
- Decompile OleObjectBlob and other properties for ActiveX
  controls on Forms and save this blob to frx file
- Decompile parent object name for the ActiveX controls on the Forms
- Most code of decompilation engine is refactored
- Improved recognition engine of VTable calls (Native Code)
- Decompile TypeSpec addresses from Methods (.NET)
- Decompile local variables (.NET)
- BugFix: Decompile Int64 arguments (.NET)
- BugFix: Show UTF-8 strings in names of namespaces, classes and methods (.NET)
- BugFix: Parsing variables with "+/-" operations in Procedure analyzer and optimizer
- BugFix: Show GUID of ActiveX files in Project VBP with dash in latest bytes
- BugFix: Show controls of form with no public controls
- BugFix: Replace arg_8 to Me (pointer of object) if Fast decompilation mode disabled
- BugFix: No "lib" preffix before name of DLL in API declaration
- BugFix: Correcly show strings with offset to center another string reference (.NET)
- BugFix: Correcly show user strings (#US) if string larger than 128 but less than 256 bytes (.NET)

VB Decompiler v10.3 has been released (February 7, 2016)

What's new in this version:
- Decompile TypeLib information from all external ActiveX files (OCX, DLL),
  and make on the fly signatures for all Properties and Methods in each
  Interface and Dispatch class
- Use type information for return values from each property and method
  from external OCX/DLL files
- 1853 new API prototypes. At this time VB Decompiler
  supports decompilation more than 3418 APIs
- Search original file at folder with database (VDD) file
  if path from VDD is invalid
- Process SafeArrays from __vbaAryVar and __vbaAryCopy (Native Code)
- Long lines as a hint in Tracing window (Native Code, Tracing features)
- Support "mov reg, [reg+reg]" (Native Code)
- Jumps to HEX Editor by clicking on global variables (Native Code)
- Support for fld/fadd/fsub/fmul/fdiv st0, real8 ptr [reg1+reg2*8] (Native Code)
- Support one char strings (Native Code)
- Try to open possible packed files (can help to open files with
  a lot of images on forms and looks like packed)
- Decompile msvbvm functions: __vbaObjIs (Native Code)
- Decompile references to ActiveX files with %SystemRoot% variable at the filename
- BugFix: Decompile msvbvmXX.dll function rtcKillFiles, rtcChangeDir,
  rtcMakeDir, rtcRemoveDir, rtcChangeDrive, rtcFileLocation,
  __vbaCastObj (Native Code)
- BugFix: Decompile parameter type of external calls from OCX libraries
- Correcly decompile BetweenUI1, BetweenI2, BetweenI4, BetweenR4, BetweenR4,
  BetweenCy, BetweenVar, BetweenStr, BetweenTextVar, BetweenTextStr (P-Code)
- BugFix: Decompile "and" and "or" opcodes if first operand is expression (Native Code)
- BugFix: Decompile "setXX" opcodes if register set to zero or not initialized (Native Code)
- BugFix: Decompile pushes to address with start code "xor eax, eax" (Native Code)
- BugFix: Correctly saving ControlIndex array to the vdd database

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