String References

String data is usually present in the decompiled code. It is often useful to look through the list of strings used by functions in the selected module. The String references features from the Tools menu is used exactly for that purpose. Use the Tools -> String references menu to open it and if there is string data in the program, it will be displayed.

VB Decompiler String References

Find the string you need in the list and double-click it. The part of the code with this string will be found and the corresponding module will be opened in the code window. Another double click on the string will continue searching for this string in the program code. Click the OK button to find the selected string in the code and close the string selection dialog box. Cancel will simply close the dialog box.

String references for native code are available only in the Pro version of the program.

Important: strings are revealed not only for the active module as in versions 1.x program, but for the entire program to make the analysis of programs with more than 100 forms and modules easier.

VB Decompiler has supported editing of strings. To call dialog of editing click right button of mouse on string which you would like to edit. Select item Edit string on displayed menu. You will see the dialog for input of new string. Press OK after edit the string. This action will write the new value of string directly into edited file.

Important: Edited file has a very limited space inside itself. Every string has strongly defined position and lenght. VB Decompiler can replace old string on new string, but it has to be a same or less lenght.

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