Working with database

This feature is available through the Data Base section in the File menu and serves to enable saving decompilation results into a separate compressed file. This can be useful for faster loading of decompilation results in the future without needing to re-decompile code.

In case you need to return to analyzing the program or share these results with a colleague, there's no need to perform decompilation again. In the case of full decompilation (with the Fast Decompilation option disabled), this process can take longer and consume additional time. It is much more convenient to pre-save the decompiled code in the Database.

VB Decompiler uses an internal compressed database format, which allows for significant optimization of size and density of information contained within such a database. Additionally, there is compatibility with databases saved by most previous versions of VB Decompiler, allowing you to store information without risking the possibility of not being able to open such a database in the new version of the product.

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