If you are developing programs in Visual Basic 5.0/6.0, you can increase their protection against decompilation. To achieve this, the Obfuscator is embedded within the decompiler, capable of removing all function, form, module, and object names from the binary file of your program, as well as various signatures. This will make analyzing the program more difficult whether using the provided decompiler or other solutions. Moreover, most third-party products will refuse to decompile this file altogether.

VB Decompiler Obfuscation Request

To apply this protection, open your project in the decompiler and select Obfuscate project from the Tools menu. This process does not take much time, so we recommend obfuscating your projects before publishing them.

VB Decompiler Obfuscation

This feature is also integrated into our comprehensive solution for protecting software - DotFix NiceProtect, which can be downloaded from

Obfuscation is available only to users with a Business license of the VB Decompiler.

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