You should buy the Pro version of the decompiler to be able to use all the features of the program. After you buy the Pro version, you will be able to:
1. decompile the p-code programs into the code close to the source code;
2. see API function references and string data references in the native code of programs;
3. always have the latest version of the program (updates are absolutely free of charge during one year after registration);
4. get technical support by email and ICQ for one year;
5. support the development of this decompiler.
Select the Order Pro version item in the Help menu to buy the Pro version of the program right now. You must be connected to the Internet. The program page will be opened in the browser and you may order license. In additional you can pay with WebMoney.

The Pro version of the decompiler  is to be used only on one computer. If you need to use this program on several computers, you will have to buy the Company license.

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