This block of options is responsible for disassembling machine code:

VB Decompiler disassembler options

Add HEX Dump displays machine codes before each disassembled command, which may be necessary only when modifing the binary file after analysis in a HEX Editor.

Ignore chars convertions is used to disable converting non-English string data into numerical Unicode. Enabling this option makes the code more readable but before saving the result in the project, it must be disabled as IDEs for programming languages may not support non-English strings within forms.

Show user classes includes parsing user classes inside Delphi / Free Pascal applications. This option is not used for Visual Basic and C# applications.

Show VCL classes includes decompiling all internal classes of the VCL library. It is recommended to disable this option so that the disassembler does not analyze thousands of service classes, which are usually unnecessary when analyzing programs. This option is only used for decompiling Delphi applications for internal purposes and was created for unification with other products, but it is not implemented in VB Decompiler.

Partial decompilation of Delphi and Free Pascal applications is currently offered exclusively as a separate service (not as a software).

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