GUI Designer and deep optimization in VB Decompiler v10.5

Since the first release of the VB Decompiler we are working hard to improve its quality. However even it already has a lot of very useful features such as: P-Code decompilation, Native Code decompilation, .NET disassembling, we porting the decompiler from VB6 and add tracing features for Native Code without running applications and lot of others. It would seem that further changes should relate only to improve the quality of code decompilation. But we missed one very very important thing - Form Visualizer (GUI Designer). Now you can visually see the decompiled form or UserControl. Just download VB Decompiler v10.5! Now you don't need to analyze of the text representation of the form to understand what is it, and in general what this form does in the project. VB Decompiler will show the same as it has seen the developer!

A lot of work has been done and now VB Decompiler has something to surprise you! Nearly all standard components is supported (except for the Menu and Line, it will be later). Supported hundreds of the most diverse and complex properties. Starting from the font and color of objects and ending nested OleBlobs and pictures. Most picture formats supported: ico, cur, bmp, jpg, png, gif. All this formats displayed on the fly, without any intervention by the user!

Naturally supported inheritance properties of objects, default properties, and other. Even Properties List, Strings, Items, and other text and binary data contained in frx files are handled correctly and used in the ListBox, ComboBox, etc. Objects. Not forgotten localization to non-english languages. Despite the fact that almost all string properties in VB6 controls contain ANSI strings, decompiler correctly determines used language, converts the string to Unicode and you can see it in the original language, even if your local language is completely different.

This is not the last improvement in VB Decompiler. The new version greatly optimized to work with RAM. Many internal structures rebuilt and optimized. Fixed all memory leaks. This gives it a much smaller RAM consumption for decompiling small projects and 40% savings when decompiling huge projects (more than 500 forms and up to thousand methods).

Also, when you open files and VB Decompiler databases (vdd files) in previous version, VB Decompiler opens a window with the default folder. But it was not always convenient. Now VB Decompiler opens the last used folder! Also opening vdd database from explorer starts VB Decompiler in the background and you can see the main window only after full load the base. In case of a large amount of code, this process could take several minutes. Now decompiler window opens immediately and you can watch the status of the loading.

We also added support for a number of coprocessor instruction and optimize operation with flags (cmp, set, etc.). Form parser has improvements to support the seldom-used properties. We expands the number of supported localizations. Now VB Decompiler includes interface translation into Danish and Brazilian Portuguese, as well as the help system in the Danish language. Improved definition Russian code page. Fixed search "VB5!" signature in the non-standard files, and save the results of disassembling large .NET projects to the database.

In general, as always, I am pleased to present a variety of useful and necessary changes! The new version can be downloaded from the customer's panel, if your subscription for updates and support is active. If you have learned about our product just now, we'll be happy to see you among our clients!

(C) Sergey Chubchenko, VB Decompiler's main developer

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