Viewing of code

The core feature of VB Decompiler is the code viewing and analysis window. A range of functions have been embedded to simplify analyzing the program:

1. Syntax highlighting, making the code more readable.
2. Powerful algorithm for collapsing blocks of code, allowing you to hide and expand the contents of conditions and loops, significantly speeding up analysis in VB Decompiler.
3. The ability to display addresses indicating where a particular piece of code is located, simplifying finding matches in machine code and collaborative analysis with colleagues using other third-party tools.
4. Additionally, there's support for displaying HEX codes for binary data that correspond to the analyzed code.

All these features are built-in code analyzers within the decompiler and do not depend on the operating system or any external components. You can configure all of these options in the Tools -> Options section. For more information about each option, please refer to the Program options section.

In older versions of the decompiler (versions 8.4 and below), syntax highlighting for decompiled code was provided by the RAEdit library. However, if a simplified version was enought, this component could also be removed from the program folder. In this case, VB Decompiler used the standard RichEdit component with basic syntax highlighting mode.

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