Viewing of code

A general element of VB Decompiler's main window is a code viewer. This componet helps to analysing decompiled code. To be more usable it has many features which make more simple analisys of code.

1. Syntax highlighting makes more simple reading of code.
2. Powerfull algorithm for compacting decompiled code. It allows hide/show some pieces of code  (for example, If... then..else or For ... next constructions). All of this make analysis of code more fast.
3. The possibility of displaying code line numbers. This feature makes more simple a joint analysis of code with your colleagues, because you can send only numbers without need to send all code.

The main part of these features makes RAEdit control. It's in RAEdit.dll. If you don't need this features, you can delete RAEdit.dll from program folder. In this case, VB Decompiler will use RichEdit control with reserve mode of syntax highlighting.

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