Saving the list of procedures

You can call this feature by clicking to item Save list of procedures in File menu. This feature is the most power tool for program analysis because allows to use external utilites to help VB Decompiler.

Today VB Decompiler supports saving of addresses and names of functions and procedures which is using in parsed programm. You can select a format of saving in the standard dialog of saving file.

By saving into TXT format you can create simple text document. It may be usefull for compare procedures of different versions of the program, research of addresses changing and etc.

By saving into MAP format will be generated the standard map file which usually created by compiler. This file can be used with many debuggers and disassemblers to mark the beginning of functions inside a program. Very often programs which was builded by Visual Basic can't be correctly decompiled by another decompilers. In this case, map file can be very usefull. This format is supported by use plugins and in OllyDbg too.

By saving into NAMET format allows make analysis in Hiew more simple. Copy the file into the directory with current programm. Open the programm in Hiew and press F12. You will see a window with empty list of procedures. Press F12 again. Select NAMET file which was generated by VB Decomliler. Addresses of procedures will be loaded in Hiew. You can move to any procedure by pressed F12.

By saving into IDC format allows to load addresses of functions and procedures into IDA Pro. If the programm was compiled to Native Code then this function may be usefull.

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