Quick start

To start decompiling a program, click Open program in the File menu in the decompiler main window and specify the path to the file. Decompilation process starts automatically without any messages.

The file name will be added to the FileName string in main program window and to restart the decompilation process after that, you will just have to click the Decompile button. After the program has been explored completely, information will stop appearing in the status bar and you will see the following message.

VB Decompiler Quick start

Now you can start the analysis of results. Read more about built-in features helping you to analyze the code in the Program options section.

If it is necessary to generate a project to be analyzed in the Visual Basic 6.0 environment, open the File menu, click Save decompiled project and choose the folder you want to save the project, forms and modules to. Besides forms, frx files that store icons, graphic objects of forms and other binary data will be automatically generated.

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