Starting from the very first versions, VB Decompiler supports external components - Plugins. Over time, as decompiler are updated, we continuously expand our internal API used in plugins, allowing for more complete integration of a given plugins with decompiler's internal structures. This enables significant expansion of analysis tool functionality.

All you need to develop plugins is knowledge of any programming language that allows the creation of DLL libraries and working with pointers. Detailed SDK on major programming languages can be found in the Plugins SDK folder, located in the root directory of the installed VB Decompiler. Pre-made plugins can be viewed in the Plugins folder, and their capabilities can be checked through the Plugins menu in the main window of VB Decompiler.

Important note: When developing plugins, it is highly recommended to maintain backward compatibility with outdated versions of Windows (such as Windows XP), so make sure that when compiling plugins using newer Delphi environments (for example Delphi XE6+), they can be used on systems older than Windows Server 2008. VB Decompiler loads all available plugins at startup to initialize them. If a plugin is incompatible with the current OS, VB Decompiler will not be able to load it. Therefore, we highly recommend compiling plugins developed using newer versions of Delphi in version XE5 or early before publishing - this will make them less critical towards the Windows version.

We warmly welcome the development of new and useful plugins. That's why any worthy creation is rewarded with a free basic license for VB Decompiler.

*Visual Studio .NET, Visual C++ and Visual Basic are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Delphi is a registered trademark of Embarcadero.

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