From first versions of VB Decompiler supports external plugins. We are constantly expanding API SDK. It's allowing make full integrate plugins to internal structures of VB Decompiler. You can expand functions of VB Decompiler by using plugins.

This is possible to develop the plugins by yourself. You have to know programming language which can compile standard DLL, to do it. All needed information for plugin development you can find in Plugins SDK directory. There are already compiled plugins in Plugins directory. Also you can test plugins in Plugins menu.

Important: We recommend make backward compatibility with old versions of Windows during plugins development. If you build your plugin on newest version on Delphi, you have to know, it can't be used on Windows with version less of Windows 2000. VB Decompiler is loading all plugins during it starts, to initialise them. If some plugin don't support current Windows version, VB Decompiler will not be able to load it. You can build your plugin on Delphi7 to make backward compatibility.

We will happy to see new useful plugins. If you will create usefull plugin, we will give you copy of VB Decompiler Pro for free.

*Visual Studio .NET, Visual C++ and Visual Basic are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Delphi is a registered trademark of Embarcadero.

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