Language selection

VB Decompiler supports language selection feature. All of main European languages are supported today. Help system was translated into many languages too.

You can select needed language in menu Tools -> Options -> Personalize. You have to reload VB Decompiler after language selecting. If you can't do it, you can use VB decompiler but some text will displayed on previous language.

The language of the documentation will defined automatically by using information from your Windows Local settings. Therefore if you want read a German help (for example) on English Windows, you have to do it manually. All help files are in VB Decompiler folder. We are using CHM format for help files.

A source of help system on Russian. We are changing it first after add new information. If you had found some mistakes in help system on your language, we will very grateful if you will tell us about it. If you agree make translate the help system into your own language, we will give you copy of VB Decompiler Pro for free.

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