Jump to address

The Jump to virtual address command can be accessed through the Tools menu. In the dialog box that appears, enter the virtual address of the code you want to jump to. A virtual address is considered the location of a specific piece of code in memory after running the program. In the decompiler, only virtual addresses are used for addressing, so any address taken from decompiled code is by default a virtual address and can be used for jumping.

VB Decompiler Jump to address

For faster navigation to desired blocks of code, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + G. To do this, select the desired address in the decompiled code (this could be a function call or jump within selected code) and press the specified combination of keys. The jump will be made, and the code that the given address refers to will be decompiled.

To return to the previous function after jumping, use the arrows buttons on the toolbar panel. These buttons can be used both for going back or moving forward through previously viewed code.

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