Color Scheme

This option defines the color scheme and syntax highlighting when you look through the program code in the decompiler:

VB Decompiler Color Scheme Options

The preset options are kept in the colors folder in ini files whose names coincide with the names of preset options. The format of these files is simple and you can easily create them on your own and edit existing files. The format is as follows:

Background=color code
Foreground= color code
KeyWords= color code
LocationsAndArguments= color code 
Procedures= color code
Name=font name
Size=font size
KeyWordsBold=font bold(0 or 1)
LocationsAndArgumentsBold=font bold(0 or 1)
ProceduresBold=font bold(0 or 1)

The color code is specified in the 32-bit true-color format.

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