VB Decompiler v10.2 with a lot of improvements is released

It took a long time but finally we found the way and released the new version with ability to decompile Select Case statements in the Visual Basic 6.0 Native Applications. In addition to the Select Case decompilation the new version of VB Decompiler supports the SafeArray in the rtcArray and __vbaVarIndexLoad functions.

VB Decompiler select case statements decompilation

The UI changes make the code exploring more clearly. Just double click on the address and the Decompiler jumps to this offset in HEX Editor, if you click on the Procedure call the Decompiler shows this procedure. If the procedure is not found on the decompiled project but has valid virtual address VB Decompiler tries to decompile and disassembly it.

VB Decompiler arrays decompilation

All improvements and fixes is here

  • Support additional Select Case statements (Native Code)
  • Support arrays access in "add reg, value" (Native Code)
  • Show links to stack from registers (Native Code, Tracing features)
  • Decompile access to arrays from __vbaVarIndexLoad (Native Code)
  • Show parameters for MemLdRfVar in Lite version (P-Code)
  • Decompile static SafeArray for rtcArray function (Native Code)
  • Show contents from address in stack, placed in register (Tracing mode)
  • Jumps to HEX Editor by clicking on each address like &H00401000 and 00401000h (Native Code)
  • Decompile unknown procedures by clicking on address like Proc_401000 (Native Code)
  • No "Decompiled OK" message after decompilation
  • Correctly process jmp commands, if it's jump back into this procedure (Native Code)
  • Reset selected block after return to previous procedure (Native Code)
  • Decompile properties from indexed controls (P-Code)
  • Decompile "Set" operator in some cases (P-Code)

Just download the new version and see what we've done! We'll be most happy to see you among our clients!

(C) Sergey Chubchenko, VB Decompiler's main developer

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